The cod father

The “Codfather” was at the center of an elaborate criminal investigation in 2016 in which fake Russian mobsters, fraudulent haddock, and duffel bags of cash were linked to him. Now, he’s out on $1 million bond and has been sentenced to almost four years in federal prison, but will still be able to fish, if he can get ahold of them. As an example, the fish & chips served at The Codfather are served with potato fries that are crisp on the edges and creamy on the inside. In addition, fish & chips sandwiches, draughts, and sausage rolls are also available.

The game’s unique theme has been derived from the iconic film The Godfather, but it’s based on an underwater kingdom. Fish in gangster clothes rule this kingdom, and you’ll be able to win up to 5000x your stake by landing a winning combination. The reels are made up of symbols such as swordfishes, and Eddie the eel. The bonus round is triggered by matching three or more swordfish symbols.

The Codfather is an underwater video slot game that’s based on the hit film The Godfather. The gangsters in this kingdom are fish dressed in gangster outfits and are ruled by swordfishes and Eddie the Eel. In case you win, the jackpot can reach 5000x your bet. If you play this online slot game correctly, you can win millions of dollars. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing today!

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