Big foot

Have you ever heard of the mysterious ape-like creature known as Bigfoot? This elusive ape has been the subject of many stories and myths, and is sometimes called Sasquatch. Some say that it inhabits the forests of North America. Others say that it lives in urban areas, and that its presence in urban areas is more a result of humans than of the creatures themselves. Whichever you believe, it is always important to research the subject thoroughly.

The popular belief is that the creature was quadrupedal, but this is a faulty assumption. Its size would have made bipedal walking difficult. Hence, some conservative Christians do not believe in the existence of dinosaurs. The truth is, if this monster did exist, it would be a huge wolf-like creature. The creatures have been spotted in various parts of the world. Some claim that the Gigantopithecus was a quadruped, but many others say that it was a quadruped.

The Gigantopithecus genus is an ancient relative of the hominids, which have been extinct for more than 200 million years. The existence of this creature and the appearance of similar creatures in the myths has led to the development of modern monster hunters. The most famous sighting was in Canada. The ape-like creature was a quadruped, which would have been impossible for the animal to move in a bipedal manner.

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